About Us

We are here to lead and what is better than an Aries to symbolize us and our story! An Aries is an aggressive, dominant, impulsive and tireless creature! It loves to be number one, it always takes charge and conquers challenges. Courageous and competitive. Aries represents a powerful force beyond measures, carving paths through new territories to find undiscovered treasures. And that’s exactly what we are here to do!

An archetype of raw masculinity!


An ambitious young Aries male that grew up valuing the simplest things in life, he is a fighter in both rings and real life. He went from being a simple insurance salesman into becoming a general director to a large insur- ance brokerage in the region at the age of 35! After all the growth he’s been giving and getting he decided that it’s time to put everything down and start building his own dream.

His picky, perfectionist nature guides him to create the best and the best only! So he decided to fill in the gap in the sports fashion industry and create a unique, outstanding and authentic brand that is affordable yet carries a guaranteed quality and enhanced performance.